Sheyla Gamboa


Family and immigration law

Sheyla Gamboa is an attorney with solid experience in family law and immigration law. She began her professional career in her native country in 2001, where she practiced family law. Upon her arrival to Canada, Me Gamboa began her law studies and in 2013 she joined a Montreal law firm practicing primarily in family and immigration law. With this experience, she decided to open her own law firm in 2018, bearing her own seal, where her main priority is to defend the interests of her clients.

Attentive, understanding and very dedicated to her clients, Me Gamboa handles a variety of cases, especially in matters of divorce, alimony, child custody, filiation, etc. In immigration law, she handles various types of cases, primarily the representation of asylum seekers before the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Me Gamboa is also a family mediator with a human approach to conciliation. In addition, she regularly pleads before the courts and is recognized for her sense of professionalism, courtesy and spirit of service.

Committed to making justice accessible to all, Me Gamboa is actively involved with a variety of community organizations, such as centers for women victims of domestic violence and several legal aid centers.

Séna Houndjahoué Lahaye


Family and immigration law

Séna Lahaye holds a bachelor’s degree in international relations and international law (UQAM 2008), a master’s degree in international law (UQAM 2013) and a bachelor’s degree in law (UQAM 2017). Interested in family and immigration law, she joined Gamboa Avocat as a legal intern in January 2019, then as a lawyer in July 2019.

Organized and methodical, Me Lahaye has an extensive work experience in an intercultural environment, having worked for many years in the field of international cooperation. In addition, access to the justice system is a very important matter to her, and this was even the subject of her master’s thesis for which she received with distinction.

In family law, Me Lahaye regularly pleads before the Superior Court, among others, in cases of child custody, alimony, school choice and filiation. In immigration, she can assist you with your application for sponsorship or visa.

She wishes to continue to develop her professional expertise all the while being empathetic and attentive to her clients’ needs.

Vanessa Bassal


Family and immigration law

Vanessa Bassal has been working at Gamboa Avocat since January 2020, while she was waiting to begin her studies at the Montreal Bar School. She is now working as an attorney with the firm.

Before beginning her legal training at the Department of Legal Sciences at the University of Quebec at Montreal, Vanessa completed a Bachelor’s degree, with distinctive mention, in history and political science of the Middle East at McGill University. It was while writing her undergraduate thesis that she discovered and developed a passion for the protection of refugee rights. Vanessa then decided to study law to become a lawyer.

During her undergraduate studies at UQAM, Vanessa participated in the UQAM Legal Clinic, a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote access to justice. In 2019, during her senior year, Vanessa was part of the Administrative Council of this organization as secretary.

During her studies, she also had the opportunity to complete a student internship at a firm that focuses its practice on family law and immigration law. Immediately, Vanessa developed a deep interest in family law and was able to develop her knowledge in this legal area.

Polyglot, Vanessa speaks French, English, Spanish, and Arabic. Perseverant, passionate, and above all, dedicated to finding the best solution for clients, Vanessa has made a place for herself in the Gamboa Avocat team since the beginning of her professional career.